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Big Bud is a great indica strain from the 1980s with huge yields. The buds are large in size, sticky, firm, and with countless amounts of silver/white trichomes. This strain gives the user a great body high, even though the THC is only usually between 16% – 19%. The smoke from Big Bud is a smooth one, with a slight grapey/earthy taste and a hint of sweetness.

For those deciding to grow this strain should take into account that this classic beauty grows up to 6 -7 feet tall (approx. 200 cm.) and it is recommended to provide it with support so it can produce maximum yields as the buds get very heavy. It also is great for outdoors in warmer climates.

Big Bud also has some medicinal benefits for anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. A well-recommended strain all round.

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