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K2 is a cross between a Hindu Kush land-race with Nirvana’s stud White Widow plant. The result is a heavily resinous hybrid maintaining the high resistance, and earthiness from the Kush, as well as the prolific resin production from the White Widow. She does require more maintenance than some strains during flowering and is therefore best-suited for growers with a little previous experience under their belt although K2 is by no means tricky to cultivate.

K2’s indica-dominance results in shorter plants with less stretch during the flowering stage. Indoors this flowering phase takes 8 – 9 weeks with yields of 400 – 500 gr/m2. Sea of Green (SoG) is the preferred technique to maximise yields.

The scent can be described as spiced with a sweet overtone, with the nodes forming compact, tight buds with maximum bag appeal. THC production is between 18 – 25% and its effect is well-balanced and a mixture of upbeat with a fine balance of relaxation.

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