Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds - 10

Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds – 10


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The name Lithium OG Kush is given in tribute to our namesake band: an epic group from Seattle, USA. Lithium OG Kush is well known amongst medical users for its excellent anti-depressive and anti-anxiolytic qualities. We searched painstakingly for an exceptional OG Kush mother and crossed her with one of our most stable Master Kush males. The thought was the two would mesh well because of the shared Hindu Kush genes. It’s a strain potentially high in THC yet with low CBD content.

These plantsare dense and bush featuring very big flower clusters. Trimming and pruning is strongly recommended. Buds have a light green colour and are liberally covered in trichomes. NM.B. flowering is fast and vigorous and the trichomes will be milky in 8 to 9 weeks and ready for harvest.

The aroma and taste of the Lithium OG Kush is reminiscent of the Sour Diesel. It is quite lemony at first but then quickly turns fruity featuring a grapefruit aroma with a lingering smell of diesel.

It is a highly euphoric and uplifting high which explains its anti-depressive and anti-anxiolytic properties.



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