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Somango XXL Feminised was bred by crossing the super-tasty Somango with hybrid Critical 47. The resulting strain is floral expressing strong mango terpenes. It flowers between 56-70 days depending on phenotype. This hybrid will offer the best of both worlds from huge harvests to fruity, mango aromas and flavours. Her resistance has been enhanced further making her an excellent performer both indoors and outdoors.

Somango XXL is 75% indica so will stay short, squat and bushy when growing. A very uniform strain, ideal for Sea of Green cultivation. The 25% sativa will express itself by adding massive size to the buds during flowering, making her the ultimate hybrid strain.

Indoors yields can be expected to be 550 – 650 g/m², making her a must have for beginner growers as well as commercial growers in search of a truly productive indica-dominant plant. THC levels will be between 16-21%, making the effect well balanced. A heavily resinous strain that makes superb extracts which really bring out the extraordinary mango and floral flavours. She is easy to trim, producing chunky, compact colas oozing with resin, not stretching much at all once flowering begins.

Somango XXL has flavours of tropical fruit salad consisting of fresh mango, floral and fruity sweetness. Despite the fact that Somango XXL is 75% indica, her effects are actually very well balanced between indica and sativa, without the typical effects associated with most indica cannabis. This makes her a great way to start the day, as her effects are upbeat and creative and will not weight you down through the day. Medical consumers may find Somango XXL useful for helping to relieve depression, nausea and sickness, improving motivation, clarity and increasing energy levels.



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